International engagement advances Indiana University’s academic mission

Indiana University’s international engagement is impressive. From diverse international student bodies to one of the highest rates of study abroad participation in the country, IU makes it possible for students to pursue their passions—at home or abroad. Partnerships with leading international institutions of higher education and research foster a culture of discovery, opening new opportunities for exchange and collaboration. And IU continues to build on its legacy of strength with institution-building and technical assistance projects around the world. 

Undergraduate Study Abroad

IU undergraduates can choose from more than 250 study abroad programs. With such an expansive number of options, students can find a program that suits their interests. Each IU campus has study abroad representatives who can provide more personalized guidance.

Graduate & Faculty Exchange Programs

IU offers a variety of graduate exchange programs and short-term faculty exchange programs with leading universities around the world. Open to faculty and graduate students on any IU campus, these programs primarily focus on enhancing research and professional development.

Global Gateway Network

The China and India Gateways opened in Beijing and New Delhi in 2014. The Europe Gateway opened in Berlin in 2015 and the Mexico Gateway opened in Mexico City in 2018. More Gateways are planned in Thailand, South Africa, and possibly Brazil. The Gateways provide members of the IU community with a link to resources, partners, and opportunities in support of their priorities in those countries.

International Partnerships

The Office of International Partnerships facilitates Indiana University’s engagement with leading institutions of higher education, organizations, and governments around the world. These partnerships strengthen and expand international opportunities for students and faculty on all IU campuses.

Externally Funded International Projects

The Office of International Development administers externally funded contracts and grants that provide technical assistance and institution-building support in developing countries. OID works closely with IU faculty and staff to identify and pursue potential international technical assistance projects.