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Winter 2018

The cover of the current issue of IU International Magazine.
  • Global Connections, p. 2
    Presidential delegation's visit to Spain and France. OVPIA visit to Russia.
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  • Managing Leprosy in Nepal, p. 7.
    IU School of Medicine project to assist in building a dermatopathology lab for the Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital in Nepal.
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  • New Generations of Russian Studies, p. 10.
    Research by a new generation of IU Russian scholars and a Carnegie grant to support Russian Studies at IU.
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  • Russian Studies: Higher School of Economics, p. 16.
    OVPIA participation in the global workshop presented by Moscow's prestigious university.
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  • Russian Studies: Newest Generation , p. 18.
    IU's youngest scholars in Russian Studies.
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  • At the China Gateway: Rice, Arsenic, and the Tools of Risk Assessment, p. 20.
    Assistant Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health Kan Shao's research and training in evaluating food risks.
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  • At the India Gateway: Keeping Afghan Connections Alive, p. 22.
    The work of Arlene Benitez and Mitzi Lewison to continue training in teaching English when the country is not safe for U.S. visitors.
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  • At the Europe Gateway: New Media in Africa, p. 24.
    IU African Studies workshop in Berlin investigating the ways African artists and political leaders use technological advances to promote African culture.
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  • 50 Years of Study Abroad in Madrid , p.26.
    Celebration of one of IU's longest study abroad efforts at Spain's Universidad Complutense.
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  • Meeting Chinese Teachers in Their Classrooms, p. 30.
    Veteran elementary school teachers from Indiana meet their Chinese counterparts in Beijing classrooms.
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  • Two Generations of IU Artists in Taiwan , p. 34.
    IU alumni Pei-Chun Che and Chyi-Wen Yang in discussion about their careers and the artistic accomplishments of their son Yuen-Suo Yang, also an IU alum.
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  • International Eye, p. 36
    Photos from around the world taken by IU students and faculty.
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  • Geology, Paleoanthropology, and the Olduvai Gorge, p. 42
    IU study abroad program in Tanzania in which students study how geology and anthropology work together to reveal the lives of our most ancient ancestors.
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