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Fall 2015

  • IU in the World
    Jacobs School concert in Korea, IU delegations around the world, alumni reunion in Bali.
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  • I-House: 25 Years of Bringing Cultures Together
    IUPUI residence for international and domestic students celebrates an anniversary.
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  • Europe Gateway: The Next Level of Engagement
    IU's third Gateway opens in Berlin.
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  • International Students and Their Worlds
    International students photo contest.
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  • George's Kids Remember: 1965 IU Junior Year Abroad Alumni Reunite
    Study abroad students who went to Peru in 1965 meet in Bloomington.
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  • Spacetime and International Science
    Expanding our understanding of space and time and the forces of the universe.
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  • Monica Tetzlaff in Ghana
    Studying accusations of witchcraft in Ghana.
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  • Global Is Not Foreign: Alfred C. Aman
    Ryan Award winner on how global perspectives change the way we understand the law.
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  • Parting Shot: Amazon Cecropia tree
    A sure indication of the tropics.
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  • Learning to See
    IU Southeast's long-term field biology course goes to the Amazon.
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  • Cultures in Harmony
    Using music to bring people together around the world.
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  • Learning Other Worlds: Magdalena Herdoiza-Estevez
    Ryan Award winner designs Latin American education and leads study abroad to Ecuador.
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