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Fall 2013

  • Bridges to East Asia
    In May 2013, an IU presidential delegation conferred with educational leaders, government officials, and alumni in East Asia. Successful exchange agreements were renewed and new ones begun. The delegation returned with a fuller understanding of mutual possibilities for interaction now and in the future.
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  • The IU Community Abroad: Aspiring, Active, and Alumni
    The IU presidential delegation to Asia included meetings with former and current students, and for the first time, with prospective students and their parents. Three distinguished IU alumni were honored.
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  • "Joe" Xu and Citizen Diplomacy
    Through cooperative efforts with Sun Yat-Sen University and the Chinese government, a Confucius Institute to promote Chinese language and culture has been established on the IUPUI campus. Zao C. Xu, professor of anatomy and cell biology, has been the institute's enthusiastic director from its inception. He relates his own story about growing up in Maoist China.
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  • Preserving and Exploring World Cultures
    The Mathers Museum of World Cultures has supported the research of IU faculty for half a century. Its collection of artifacts from all over the world serves IU courses and provides Indiana schoolchildren and other residents opportunities to look into worlds they have never before seen.
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  • Science Diplomacy at 100,000,000,000 Bits a Second
    As scientists require ever more massive amounts of data for their studies, so their work has become more global. IU provides major resources for intercontinental scientific networking.
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  • Sombat Thamrongthanyawong: Student Protester and University President
    The former president of the National Institute of Development Administration and recent recipient of an honorary doctorate from IU comments on Thai university life from the time he was a student involved in major protests in the 1970s. He remembers on his enduring connection, and the long-term partnership of his institution, with Indiana University.
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  • Treasures of Syrian Architecture
    The Syrian conflict has imperiled some of the world's oldest and irreplaceable art and architecture. Abdal-Razzaq Moaz, visiting faculty member in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, describes the artistic achievements that he has spent a lifetime studying and that he fears may disappear forever.
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  • Worlds of Medicine
    The Integrative Pain Program under the direction of Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine Palmer MacKie brings a world of therapies to patients in Central Indiana. MacKie talks about the ways that pain has been addressed in different parts of the world and the benefits that such a world perspective can bring to the treatment of pain.
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