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Spring 2015

  • Head to Head
    IU chief administrators meet the heads of nations around the world.
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  • The New World Discovers the Old
    A symposium and exhibition last fall explored the early efforts of the United States to establish its place in the world before the Civil War.
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  • Building a Global University
    IU officials visited Turkey, Saudi Arabia, India, Brazil, and China over the past several months and have strengthened ties with universities abroad.
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  • Capturing Moments Abroad
    IU study abroad students in Bloomington and Indianapolis picture their experiences around the world.
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  • Parting Shot
    The edge of the ice sheet in Greenland.
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  • The Caribbean and the World, Firsthand
    Scooter Pégram, associate professor of French at IU Northwest, teaches courses in Caribbean Studies, Canadian Studies, and French. His students rank him among the best in the country.
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  • World War I Roundtable
    Diplomats from countries affected by World War I discuss what their countries have inherited from that time.
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  • A Little France in Bloomington
    Patrick Fiore turned a Fulbright to study music into a Bloomington culinary institution.
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  • Update
    IU projects related to Myanmar/Burma and Bangladesh move forward.
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  • Mars on Earth
    Lisa Pratt and Jeffrey White continue their research in Greenland on life in the coldest atmospheres of the earth. Their work will contribute to the exploration for life on Mars.
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  • Gateways: IU's Presence in the World
    IU's Gateway Office in India reopened after substantial renovation.
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