Indiana University encourages graduate and undergraduate students to engage internationally in education, research, and service activities. IU’s policies covering student international travel allow the university to monitor and support students’ health and safety as they travel abroad for the following purposes:

  • IU and non-IU study abroad programs
  • IU credit-bearing courses abroad
  • IU non-credit educational activities, including service, sports events, musical performances, and research
  • IU-funded or IU-organized attendance at a conference or other event
  • IU-funded or IU-organized individual travel for research, teaching, and other university purposes
  • Travel organized by IU student organizations
  • Other reasons considered to be travel for university purposes

International travel policies

IU’s policies applying to international travel by students are:

IU has a formal review and approval process for new study abroad programs and courses. This is designed to assist faculty and administrators with academic, logistical, and safety issues. Ideally, the planning process should begin 12 to 15 months in advance of an academic program’s projected start date. Non-credit international activities (conference attendance, research project, internship opportunity, musical performance, etc.) should begin the proposal process as soon as the activity has been identified.

  • INT-04 Student International Travel Safety: covers travel by students in study abroad and other university-sponsored programs as well as individual travel. A quick guide is provided below. Consult the policy for full details.
Advisory Level IU Administered,
Unit-Based and Co-
sponsored Overseas
Study programs
Non-IU Overseas
Study Programs
Student Travel
graduate student)
1: Exercise Normal
Travel supported
subject to normal
Travel supported IU funds may be
2: Exercise Increased
Travel supported
subject to
commensurate with
the travel advisory
Travel supported IU funds may be
3: Reconsider Travel
(includes designated
areas in countries
otherwise at Levels 1
and 2)
Travel not supported,
unless an OSAC
exemption is
Travel not supported IU funds may be
used, but student
must sign waiver
4: Do Not Travel
(includes designated
areas in countries
otherwise at Levels
Travel not supported,
no exemption
Travel not supported No IU funds may
be used, no

Questions about student international travel policy should be directed to:

Office of Overseas Study

Ebola, Zika, and other communicable diseases

IU health professionals and administrators are monitoring Ebola and the spread of Zika and other communicable diseases. As with any international safety concern, IU closely follows U.S. Department of State and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warnings and advice for study abroad, overseas exchanges, and other travel:

Protect IU’s Information on Communicable Diseases
State Department Travel Advisories
CDC Travel Health Notices