Guidelines for Language Learning Grants

The Office of the Vice President for International Affairs offers grant opportunities for IU faculty to facilitate advanced language competence necessary to conduct planned research, to enhance teaching, or to engage in other university-related activities. These grants will typically be awarded to cover the costs of attending intensive language programs in the U.S. or, if necessary, abroad, for special tutorials, or for regularly offered language courses. Applicants should complete any introductory level language course sequences regularly offered at their home campus before OVPIA will consider funding language study abroad. The language training must be directly relevant to the applicant’s research and teaching interests. It must be feasible for the language training to be completed within the timeframe indicated in the application and within the requested budget. Self study programs will not be funded.


Tenured and tenure-track faculty at one of the following IU campuses: IUB, IUE, IUK, IUN, IUPUC, IUPUI, IUS, or IUSB. Spring and summer awards are expressly contingent upon the recipient continuing employment at IU the following academic year.


Maximum $5,000

Recommendation Criteria
  • Relevance of the proposed language study in terms of applicant's research and teaching goals
  • Quality of the proposed language program, including a clearly stated plan of operation
  • Feasibility of the language training within the stated timeframe and budget

NOTE: A final report of activities and expenditures of the grant activities will be required upon completion of the grant period.

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