Global Gateway Network expands international opportunities for the IU community

With facilities around the globe, the establishment of the IU Global Gateway Network marks a milestone in the university’s international engagement. The offices offer the IU community access to services and resources to help them advance their academic and professional interests in the countries or regions that the offices serve.

The China and India Gateways opened in 2014, followed by the Europe Gateway in 2015. More Gateways are planned in the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, and possibly Southeast Asia.

China Gateway

IU China Gateway Office

Located on the sixth floor of the CERNET building in Tsinghua Science Park, the IU China Gateway allows IU faculty and students to fully immerse themselves in academic activities and partnerships throughout China. The IU China Gateway space includes a 22-person videoconferencing room; a 50-seat open area for workshops, lectures, and social events; six faculty and staff offices; and six student workstations.

Europe Gateway

IU Europe Gateway Office

Located in the Kreuzberg neighborhood in Berlin, the IU Europe Gateway is housed within the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) Global Institute. The IU Europe Gateway space includes an administrative office and two mixed-use meeting/seminar rooms which can also be used as an office space by visiting scholars. A range of seminar, lecture, and studio-style spaces with capacities of up to 40 seats, and a 100-seat capacity auditorium are also available within the CIEE Global Institute.

India Gateway

IU India Gateway Office

Located outside New Delhi in the city of Gurgaon, the IU India Gateway is housed in the headquarters of the American Institute of Indian Studies, a non-governmental organization run by a consortium of U.S. colleges and universities. The IU India Gateway space includes a 34-seat videoconferencing room; two single-occupancy offices; two classrooms; an open area for receptions, lectures, and large seminars; and a terrace garden for outdoor receptions.

How the Gateway Offices Support the IU Community

Each gateway facility provides a home base for IU activities and supports:

  • scholarly research and teaching
  • conferences and workshops
  • study abroad programs
  • distance learning initiatives
  • student recruitment activities
  • executive and corporate training
  • alumni engagement events
  • fundraising campaigns

The facilities are managed by an academic director and an on-site office manager. Members of the IU community can request use of meeting rooms, offices, and other spaces at a facility by completing a request-for-use form.

Seed Funding for Activities at the Gateway Offices

IU's Office of the Vice President for International Affairs will match up to $5,000 in commitments from other IU units (e.g., departments, schools, campuses) for activities at the gateway offices. Preference will be given to applications that build on existing IU institutional partnerships in the country where the office is located (and elsewhere), that involve collaborative activities likely to be sustained and enhanced in the future, and that advance strategic international goals of other IU units as well as the IU International Strategic Plan. Interested applicants should complete the application for seed funding.

General Questions about the IU Global Gateway Network

Alexander (Ally) Batten
Director of International Gateway Offices
Office of the Vice President for International Affairs
Phone: (812) 856-1328

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